General Donations

As a non-profit organization, Gardopia heavily relies upon philanthropic donations from those who support our mission of educating the community about wellness. The figure above gives a breakdown of fund allocation when general donations are given through our membership program, and below is an explanation of each category.

  • Labor: Although Gardopia operates with a tremendous amount of pro-bono contributors, we still have to keep a few gardeners on staff in order to ensure that all of our gardens are optimally maintained. Revenue from new builds helps pay most of our gardeners' salaries.
  • Materials: Lumber, Soil, Screws, Fertilizer, Landscape Fabric, Seeds, Shovels, Hand Trowels, Gloves, and so much more! Without these materials, there are no gardens!
  • Admin: Filing Fees, Website Updates, Insurance, Advertising/Marketing, and anything not done in the physical garden. When we aren't outside sowing wellness, we are behind the computer progressing the dream of gardens in every nook and cranny!
  • Scholarships: Gardopia is committed to education, and starting in 2016, we will donate 10% of our revenue to college scholarships. Help us offset the cost of rising tuition by giving to high achieving students who will continue to grow wellness long after your contribution.
  • Endowment: Although we are gardeners, Gardopia strives for financial stability of the organization. Our endowment will help us reach this security,  so that we can continue growing and teaching in gardens for years to come!