Our value of education is rooted in the idea that project-based learning is an evidence-based practice that helps humans of all ages learn and retain knowledge more than traditional classroom methods. By engaging students with hands on activities in the garden, we are able to integrate any academic subject with the garden. STEAM subjects are extremely conducive to gardening, but other subjects such as language arts and religion can also be integrated into garden-based learning.



Our value of health is rooted in the fact that physical activity and plant-based diets can help maintain a suitable body composition for ones skeletal frame. We teach people of all ages how to optimize their eating habits, and easy ways to maximize their physical activity. In this day and age of fast-food deserts / swamps, and sedentary lifestyles, program such as this are necessary to combat the obesity epidemic.



Our value of environment is rooted in the idea that gardening can teach people how to be better stewards of Earth, and help mitigate climate change. With a rising population of 7+ billion people, the continued use of fossil fuels to power our vehicles, and hydrocarbons to mass produce single-use plastics, we must harp on sustainability within our communities. Practices such as composting, rainwater collection, and growing your own food are a few of the ways we are addressing this dire issue.