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Build a garden & optimization program

The Build-A-Garden Program provides horticultural consultations, custom designs & builds, and ongoing maintenance for the successful growth and longevity of at-home, community, school, and business gardens.


For a design quote or inquiries about garden maintenance from our expert gardeners, call 210-478-7292

Garden Design

  • 2-Dimensional Spatial Drawings / Measurements & Powerpoint - $199

  • Material List Shopping Cart - $99



Garden Construction

  • Installation (3 ft. x 1 ft., 4 ft. x 4 ft., 4 ft. x 8 ft., and custom)

  • Varied Heights (10”, 12”, 18, 20”, 24”, 36”)

  • Varied Materials (wood, stone, cinder block, etc.) 

  • Soil (Quality Organic Products)

  • Plants


Garden Maintenance & Optimization

  • Compost Application

  • Dripline / Irrigation Installation

  • Fertilizer Application

  • Mulch Application

  • Plant Healthcare

  • Weed Control


The Garden-Based Learning Program is an interdisciplinary evidence-based practice that educates individuals to grow their own food.

By growing food and learning the science behind horticulture, individuals become aware and invested in their overall health. Self-awareness coupled with basic tools for wellness empowers program participants to make their own healthy choices.

The Garden-Based Learning Curriculum has a strong emphasis on reducing obesity and malnutrition. This program is available to youth classes (in-school-time and out-of-school time), public and private workshops, and adult courses.

Class Workshops

  • Agriculture (History & Lineage)

  • Botany

  • Chicken Coops & Tractors

  • Climate Change

  • Composting

  • Ecology

  • Environmental Science

  • Garden Construction

  • Garden Design

  • Greenhouses

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Irrigation

  • Nutrition (Basic & Advanced)

  • Plant Identification

  • Rainwater Collection Systems

  • Rain Gardens / Ponds

  • Soil Science

  • Sustainability

  • Tool Safety

  • Waste Reduction

  • Water Cycle / Nitrogen Cycle

Build a Garden & Optimization
Garen Based Learning


Gardopia Gardens hosts weekly Community Garden Workdays, fostering a sense of community wellness through the practice of horticulture & organic gardening. Community members are welcome to engage in an annual series of horticultural education.

Our goal is to increase self-sufficiency by empowering individuals to partake in growing their own food. Individuals are encouraged to Adopt-A-Plot at Gardopia Gardens or build gardens in their own homes. This event occurs on the East side of San Antonio at 619 N. New Braunfels., San Antonio, TX, 78202.

Feel free to drop by the garden on Saturdays 9:00 am - 11:00 am, or to schedule an alternative time for a group or corporate volunteer day, contact us at 210-478-7292.

Discover the vital role of community volunteers at Gardopia Gardens. Meet Ernst Young, a shining example of the incredible impact achieved through volunteerism.


With Ernst Young's dedication, together we planted 100 trees in San Antonio schools, fostering sustainability, community well-being, and bolstering food security in the most innovative approach!


Join us in cultivating urban green spaces and inspiring change together.

Garden Volunteer Program


The Farmers Market at Gardopia is a seasonal educational outreach initiative at our home 619 North New Braunfels Ave., San Antonio, TX 78202

Our farmers market serves as a community resource for the exchange of horticultural information including seasonal vegetation, organic gardening practices, youth activities, consultations, and garden builds & designs.

At our farmers market, you will get to experience artisan vendors, local musicians, and maybe a restorative meditation session!

Interested in vending, sponsoring, or performing at one of our markets? Below are the applications to get you started!

Farmers Markets Sponsorship Opportunities

Farmers Market at Gardopia
Pearl Farmers Market

Pearl FarmeRS MARKET

The Pearl Farmers Market Program is an educational outreach initiative at 312 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78215 on Saturdays from 10am - 2pm.

The booth serves as a community resource for the exchange of horticultural information including seasonal vegetation, organic gardening practices, youth activities, consultations, and garden builds & designs.

2024 Spring Grow-a-Thon

Spring Grow-A-Thon

  • A friendly online competition to increase knowledge and awareness of urban agriculture in San Antonio and South Central Texas.

  • Help us collect data on how much food can be produced and composted in San Antonio to increase advocacy for the local food system. At a global and local level, it is becoming imperative to increase food security. By producing food locally, together, we can increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables, improve ecosystem services for sustainability, and create a more resilient food system when confronting natural or man-made disasters.


























Competition Overview - Spring Grow-A-Thon

Gardopia Gardens is hosting our annual city-wide Vegetable Gardening Competition in San Antonio, Texas. Do you think you have what it takes to grow the highest-yielding vegetables per square foot? Time to show your skills! 

Competition Categories

  • Vegetables & Fruits: Pounds of produce grown

  • Composting: Pounds of waste diverted through composting

  • Egg Production: # of eggs produced

Registration Period: February 15, 2023 - June 19, 2024

Competition Dates: March 19, 2024- June 20, 2024


  • Participants will submit a picture of every harvest during the competition period

  • Participants will submit their harvest yield in pounds (Scale Required)

  • Participants will be ranked by pounds per square foot, and a prize will be awarded to the top contestant in each category

Prizes - San Antonio Region Only

  • Grand Prize - $750 Visa Gift Card

  • Educational 1st Place: Junior Master Gardener's Learn, Grow, Eat, Grow 12-Week Curriculum + 1 Garden-Based Learning Class ($400 Value)

  • Residential 1st Place: $100 Lowes Gift Card + On-Site Consultation ($200 Value)

  • Community 1st Place: 2-Cubic Yards of Quality Organic Products Compost Delivered + 1 Garden-Based Learning Workshop ($400 value)

  • Commercial 1st Place: 100 Plants + 4 bags of Fertilizer ($400 value)

Spring Garden Competition
Garden Media

Garden Media

The Garden Media Program expands outreach efforts through differentiated media outlets such as the Growing Our Future Podcast and Cultivate San Antonio Magazine. This program increase accessibility to educational awareness of the food system, climate science topics, and inspiring stories that move us all to grow healthier communities through collaboration and the sharing of ideas! 

Growing Our Future Podcast

In January 2021, Gardopia Gardens launched the Growing Our Future Podcast, where host Stephen Lucke and Dominic Dominguez invite special guests to talk about all things education, health, and environment as it relates to garden-based learning and urban agriculture. 


Cultivate San Antonio 

Our organization welcomes the launch of Gardopia Gardens' magazine, Cultivate San Antonio. This no-cost online magazine is available for readers to explore Urban Agriculture at the local, national, and international levels. 

The magazine highlights area businesses in its agricultural directory in the San Antonio region. The magazine also highlights innovative stories happening in our neighborhoods, communities, and cities that inspire us to take a stand for healthier lifestyles. Our hope is that this magazine continues to be a resource for the community, providing high-quality information, practices, and technologies for a 21st-century outlook in gardening.

Spring 2022 Cultivate San Antonio Release

Historical Archive

Winter 2021 Cultivate San Antonio

Fall 2021 Cultivate San Antonio

Summer 2021 Cultivate San Antonio

Spring 2021 Cultivate San Antonio

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